Residential Propane Services and Products

WelchGas, Inc. has been serving the Northeast Texas area since 1949. Did you know that WelchGas provides the following sales and services to their customers?

Service to Homes

  • Service & repair of company and customer owned tanks
  • Service and repair of existing gas piping systems
  • Service and installation of gas grill replacement parts
  • Propane cylinder filling
  • Sales & service of all sizes of propane D.O.T. cylinders
  • Nationally registered “gas-check” program participating company
  • “Keep check – keep full” delivery routes
  • “Easy pay” monthly payment plans
  • Service & repair on all brands of gas space heaters
  • Service & installation on propane & natural gas fireplace logs


  • Delivery & installation of gas space heaters
  • Sales & service of the Holland grill & grill products
  • Installation of gas fireplace and gas hearth products
  • Sales & service of outdoor cooking equipment
  • Propane tanks of all sizes for sale or lease
  • Weed and fence row burners
  • Sales of gas accessories for RVs and campers

Residential Gas Installations

WelchGas has been installing residential gas systems for 70 years. We can design the proper layout of the piping system, proper pipe sizing, regulator control, etc. to fit your new home’s gas demand. Our staff will assist you in making decisions about the size, location, and type of gas appliances to best suite your needs.

  • Installation of above-ground and underground tanks
  • Installation of gas piping in new residential construction
  • Technical assistance for planning gas applications

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Building a New Home?

  • Our service personnel will install the gas piping inside the house to each gas appliance. An LP-Gas certified, licensed plumber may install the gas piping.
  • WelchGas will lease to the customer a propane tank of adequate size for their new home. Annual lease ranges from $90.00 - $150.00, depending on volume and usage. Tank are available in 100 gallon to 1000 gallon sizes.
  • Underground tanks are available through a Customer Purchase Plan.
  • Our Service Technicians will install the propane tank and the underground service line from the tank to the house.
  • Our Service Technicians will inspect, make conversions, and adjust all gas appliances as necessary to ensure proper operation. HVAC contractors should handle central heating adjustments.
  • We require a complete inspection of the entire gas system prior to connecting the gas service.
  • WelchGas will provide propane service to the customer on a Keep Full Route or Will Call basis. Ask a WelchGas representative about our delivery and payment programs.