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Vent-Free Gas Log Heaters by Vanguard®

   Vanguard’s Vent-Free Gas Log Heaters unique, clean burning designs provide 99% heating efficiency, allowing operation with the fireplace damper closed. This translates to no heat loss up the chimney.
   A wide variety of attractive styles are available in variable manually, thermostatically and remote controlled models. The CharRealistic Char-Glow design features realistic flames and glowing coals. Flame-Max designs feature generous yellow flames and are available in single, dual and multi-sided burners.
   Split Oak Logs, pictured above, provide detailed bark texture and natural looking charred areas.

Golden Oak Logs

Vintage Oak Logs

Birch Logs


Gas Grills and Cooking Products

Welch Gas carries a variety of gas grills and cooking products, including The Companion, the portable tabletop gas grill by Holland Grill.

Contact us for more information about our complete line of gas burning cooking products.

Contact us for more information about these and other gas products.


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