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Gas Hearth Products by Vanguard

LogmateŽ Vent-Free Fireboxes come in circulating and non-circulating models and include a brick liner. The fireplaces install against, or recess into, any wall accessible to a gas line. No chimney or venting is required, making installation easy and keeping the heat inside. A 36" circulating firebox recessed with a custom mantle is pictured. A VanguardŽ Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Insert is a great way to convert an unsightly or damaged woodburning fireplace into a beautiful, heating efficient vent-appliance. The unit is simply slid into an existing masonry fireplace, hooked to a gas line, and you will have an efficient gas fireplace. The vent-free design requires no chimney.

The VanguardŽ Mini-Hearth Vent-Free Gas Heater offers an attractive, affordable fireplace look. Enjoy the flicker and glow of burning wood as the thermostatically controlled unit warms the room with its durable fiber ceramic log and glowing coals. VanguardŽ Cast Iron Gas Stove Heaters enhance decor and provide an economical way to reduce heating costs. The Amity (shown above) may be paired with a Vent-Free, Direct-Vent, or B-Vent burner system. Two styles and several decor colors also available.

Peninsula Direct-Vent Fireplace (above) has three open sides. Deluxe Fireplace (left) shown with custom mantel and optional brass louvers.
Direct-Vent Fireplaces, unlike other types of fireplaces, do not affect indoor air quality and are ideally suited for today’s energy efficient homes. With no required chimney installation cost is greatly reduced. Four styles to choose from: Basic, Deluxe, See-Thru and Peninsula. A full line of accessories are also available, including mantels, blowers and trim.

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